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Welcome to the
International Euphorbia Society

Welcome to the International Euphorbia Society (IES) dedicated to the furtherance of knowledge of plants of the Euphorbiaceae and of their cultivation.

At this site you can find information about:

  • Euphorbiaceae, a description and their cultivation
  • The aims, constitution, officials, and international representatives of the IES
  • Membership
  • Our journal "Euphorbia World", a sample article and information about how to become an author for this journal
  • News and additions/changes to this website and events to be organised
  • Links to other interesting websites

Field Guide to the Succulent Euphorbias of Southern Africa

Field Guide book cover image

The Society has managed to acquire copies of the recently published Field Guide to Succulent Euphorbias of Southern Africa, by Rolf Becker and Alma Moller.

This book has been a long time in preparation and is a welcome addition to the literature relating to the Euphorbiaceae. The Society Treasurer Bob Potter, and Chairman Rikus van Veldhuisen, have traveled with Rolf and Alma in South Africa and Namibia, and can both attest to their superior knowledge of the Genus.

This book is a must have addition to the library, you will not be disappointed. It can be purchased here.

Jatropha book of Daphne and Albert Pritchard now available

Jatropha Book cover image

You can purchase this book at a price of 20.00 plus postage (UK: 3.00; Europe: 7.00; rest of the world: 12.00) on the society's website or by ordering it from our Treasurer and Membership Administrator Bob Potter by e-mail (bbpotter@woking.plus.com).

Members attending the Annual Genaral Meeting of the I.E.S. on September, 9th, at the holiday resort 'Corsendonk Duinse Polders', Ruzettelaan 195, in Blankenberge, Belgium, can purchase the book at a price of 20.00 resp. €22.00 without extra cost for postage.

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