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About Euphorbiaceae


Many books and articles have been written about the cultivation of euphorbias and allied genera. Indeed, the society’s journal will certainly contain such material and is a valuable source of information.

The succulent Euphorbiaceae are tropical plants, mostly from arid areas, and so require well drained compost and a warm position. The species from Madagascar in general require a minimum winter temperature of 10-15°C and a little water throughout the year. Species from South Africa can tolerate temperatures as low as 5°C but should then be kept dry.

There is not a lot of difference in cultural requirements among the various genera. Species with leaves will tend to lose them in the winter especially if kept dry. Damp conditions should be avoided when it is cool and it is important to keep air circulating to avoid fungal infections.

These plants are relatively pest free.




Soil and Feeding



Producing, harvesting and sowing Seed

Vegetative Propagation