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About Euphorbiaceae

Cultivation - Temperature

Although succulent euphorbias are suited to warm, dry conditions, the temperature requirements differ widely. High summer temperatures or wide diurnal fluctuations are not a problem, but minimum winter temperatures vary. As a rule of thumb, species coming from Arabia, Central and West Africa and the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the Americas need 12-14°C in winter. Madagascan and East African species need 10-12°C, while species from North and South Africa can endure temperatures below 10°C if kept dry. In fact some South African species can survive frost if temperatures rise rapidly the next morning.

In general ventilation is good for the plants. Big temperature fluctuations between day and night are also beneficial encouraging winter rest when the cool autumn nights arrive. Air humidity is closely related to temperature. While euphorbias enjoy high humidity when growing and temperatures are high, humidity needs to be very low during their winter’s rest, when temperatures are lower.

Euphorbia persistentifolia
Euphorbia persistentifolia



Soil and Feeding



Producing, harvesting and sowing Seed

Vegetative Propagation