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About Euphorbiaceae

Pests and Diseases

Euphorbias are not only very attractive plants, but they have a big advantage in that in general cultivation is easy and they are less susceptible than many other succulent plants to pests and diseases. They are therefore suitable for greenhouse cultivation or the window-sill.

Whether or not a plant is flourishing is not always apparent, but as you get more experience with euphorbias, you get to know their growing and rest periods and then more easily spot changes which might indicate a problem. A reliable sign is change of colour, in particular pale or deformed sections indicate pest damage or a lack of nutrients. Also lack of growth can point to a problem – the main growing season for most species is spring and autumn, with many plants taking a mid-summer rest. The dropping of flowers usually means too much water, or a poorly drained soil, whereas the drying off of flowers, especially with the Madagascan species, indicates a lack of water.

Mealy Bugs
Mildew and other fungal Diseases
Red Spider Mites
Root Mealy Bugs
Root Rot
Sciara Fly or Fungus Gnats
Tip Die-Back
Tobacco mosaic Virus
White Fly