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About Euphorbiaceae

Pests and Diseases - Tip Die-Back

The drying back of shoot ends is not a disease, but the plant’s natural reaction to excessive dryness or lack of nutrients. If it occurs, plants should be repotted into a more moisture-conserving soil, or watering should be judiciously increased. In some species, tip die-back is quite normal, E. gariepina for example, or of outer branches, E. tridentata for example.

Kept too dry

Euphorbia septentrionalis

Normal drying back

Euphorbia gariepina
Euphorbia tridentata

Mealy Bugs
Mildew and other fungal Diseases
Red Spider Mites
Root Mealy Bugs
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Sciara Fly or Fungus Gnats
Tip Die-Back
Tobacco mosaic Virus
White Fly