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About Euphorbiaceae

Pests and Diseases - Sciara Fly or Fungus Gnats

An attack of sciara fly can be noticed when the 2-3 mm long black flies come up when the plant is moved. The adults do not damage the plants, but the larvae do. They are around 5 mm long, glassy, legless and with a black head. They are most dangerous in seed trays, as the young plants need constantly moist conditions which are ideal for the larvae.

If there is an outbreak in a seed tray, the best solution is to remove undamaged seedlings, taking care no soil goes with them and replant afresh, for safety watering with a contact insecticide. New egg-laying can be avoided by covering the surface of the soil with a thin layer of sand. The sand dries quickly and discourages the female sciara from laying her eggs in the soil. Adults can be trapped using the yellow sticky strips.

Fungus gnats
Trapped by a yellow sticky strip


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