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About Euphorbiaceae

Pests and Diseases - Red Spider Mites

Red spider mites are about 0.5 mm, light brown to reddish in colour. The winter form is terra-cotta. Under a lens, two dark spots can be seen on the back which differentiates it from the 1-2 mm red spider, with which it is often confused due to the similarity of the name. The true red spider is beneficial and eliminates small insects including red spider mites. The mites prefer to feed on young growth. An attack is usually seen by white or yellow mottling on the infected plant. The web, protecting the youngsters, is not so easily seen.

Infected plants should be isolated and the plants repeatedly doused with lukewarm water. The mites can be treated chemically with so-called acaricides. An alternative is biological treatment with a parasitic mite, which feeds on the juvenile stage of the red spider mites. As red spider mites multiply very quickly, the parasites need to be introduced at the first sign of an attack in order to put a stop to the rapid spread.

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