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Sample Articles

These articles have been published in "Euphorbia World". To read the articles, please click on the picture.

Sample article


Volume 17, No. 1

Some remarks on Euphorbia poissonii Pax
by Roland Seidelt

Sample article


Volume 16, No. 3

On Euphorbia milii (Euphorbiaceae) and its varieties
by Jean-Philippe Castillon & Jean-Bernard Castillon

Sample article


Volume 16, No. 2

A Selection of Monadenium species from Tanzania
by Petr Pavelka

Sample article


Volume 16, No. 1

Euphorbia pervilleana Baill. - A Euphorbia with spectacular fruits
by Wolfgang Ewest

Sample article


Volume 15, No. 3

Rediscovery at the type locality and reinstatement of Euphorbia baliola N.E.Br., a Namibian endemic
by Rolf W. Becker & Alma Möller

Sample article


Volume 15, No. 2

An Inspiring Euphorbia Weekend
by Volker Buddensiek

Sample article


Volume 15, No. 1

Euphorbias in Conservation - when work meets passion
by Thomas Cammaerts

Sample article


Volume 14, No. 3

Best Hardy Euphorbias for Northern Gardens (Part 4)
by Detlef H. Schnabel

Sample article


Volume 14, No. 2

Taxonomy of the Euphorbia pseudoglobosa aggregate, including the description of two new varieties
by Detlef H. Schnabel, Rikus van Veldhuisen, J. Gerhard Marx

Sample article


Volume 12, No. 3

Flowers like an orchid
by Rikus van Veldhuisen

Sample article


Volume 11, No. 3

Accumulation of errors regarding Euphorbia crassipes Marloth
by Gerhard Marx


Sample article


Volume 11, No. 2

Chairman's Column on the Euphorbia Convention in Meise
by Rikus van Veldhuisen


Sample article


Volume 11, No. 1

Geophytic Euphorbia from Chile (part 1)
by Wolfgang Ewest



Volume 10, No. 3

Growing euphorbias successfully - getting more of them: Sowing

by Rikus van Veldhuisen



Volume 10, No. 1

Malagasy journey (Part 1)
Philippe Fenin


Volume 9, No. 2

A morphology based taxonomic revision of the
Euphorbia polygona species complex
Detlef H. Schnabel


Volume 9, No. 1

From the Leach Archive:
Notes on Euphorbia platyrrhiza


Volume 8, No. 3

About sticks and pencils (part 5): Euphorbia indecora N.E.Bre.
Rolf Becker, Alma Moller and Rikus van Veldhuisen


Volume 8, No. 2

Euphorbia dendroides L.: a semi-succulent shrub
Massimo Afferni


Volume 8, No. 1

Digital stereo macro photography + photo stacking: a modern tool for botanic studies
Hans Frohning


Volume 7, No. 3

In Tanzania
Jeffery J. Morawetz


Volume 7, No. 2

Euphorbia caput-medusae L. - a journey from the foggy Cape of Storms to the arid wind-blasted sands of the Namib Desert (part 1)
Graham Williamson


Volume 7, No. 1

Euphorbias from A - Z
Walter Minuth, Rikus van Veldhuisen & Volker Buddensiek


Volume 6, No. 3

Euphorbia leistneri R.H.Archer from the Kaokoveld in northern Namibia
Rolf W. Becker & Alma Moller


Volume 6, No. 2

The Larry Leach Collection at the University of Limpopo
Rolf Becker & Alma Moller


Volume 6, No. 1

A revision of geophytic Euphorbia specis from India
Suomen Aditya


Volume 5, No. 3

Rocks and the Euphorbia schinzii complex
Bruce J. Hargreaves


Volume 5, No. 2

About sticks and pencils (part 1):
Euphorbia ephedroides E. Mey. ex Boiss.
Rolf W. Becker, Alma Moller & Rikus van Veldhuisen


Volume 5, No. 1

Powdery mildew of succulent Euphorbia species
Thomas Brand


Volume 4, No. 3

Wanted!!! Euphorbia prona
Susan Carter
Wolfgang Ewest


Volume 4, No. 2

Euphorbia in Tanzania
Susan Carter


Volume 4, No. 1

Euphorbias from A to Z
Volker Buddensiek


Volume 3, No. 2

Geophitic euphorbias from Chile
Wolfgang Ewest


Volume 3, No. 1

A new collaborative research project:
a global inventory of Euphorbia
Paul E. Berry and Ricarda Riin

Volume 2, No. 2

In Habitat
Walter Minuth


Volume 2, No. 1

The three most abundant tree Euphorbia
species of the Transvaal (South Africa)
Sean Gildenhuys


Volume 1, No. 3

Some notes on Euphorbia punicea Swartz and related species
Rikus van Veldhuise


Volume 1, No. 2

Euphorbia ephedromorpha Bartlett,
a forgotten succulent from Guatemala
Frank Vincentz


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